Sleuthing Success!

Three days since I've not taken my statin prescription.  After 8.5 hours of work on Saturday, the two-hour commute home, and an 8-hour road trip out of state yesterday.... NO SWELLING!  My initial instinct that my cholesterol medication was causing all these problems - the leg cramping and swelling of feet and ankles - was... Continue Reading →

Energized and Postive!

This week has been a busy one, and will continue to be so the rest of the week.  I'm taking a trip out of state to visit my niece this next weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.  Lots to do before that. Yesterday in between work assignments, with all this energy I have,... Continue Reading →

What a Week!

It's been 7 days since I've udpated you.  All last week we had company and I didn't blog.  Too busy enjoying our friends and entertaining!  I know you're propbably wondering about the detox.  There wasn't any.  Not much, anyway. That second day I had some nausea, then realized it was only because I hadn't eaten... Continue Reading →

Day 3… Detox!

Yesterday I blogged in the morning about my nausea.  As an update, after I ate something, my nausea disappeared and I had a calm energy all day.  Usually, when I have so much to do, I feel anxious and stressed.  But yesterday, although I was busy all day, and our company arrived in the late... Continue Reading →

Just a Short Check-in

Not going to write much today, but wanted to blog about Day 2 of my detox.  Yesterday, I drank a lot more water than is normal for me.  I am always sipping on water, have a bottle in my purse at all times, etc.  I thought I was doing good.  But the ratio of ounces... Continue Reading →


Today is the first day of my Plexus probiotic regimen.  I'm easing into it.  For example, Days 1,2,3, I only take the Slim drink in the mornings.  The I begin adding the ProBio5, then add the Bio Cleanse, etc.  After a couple weeks, I'll be taking the entire regimen daily. Had a lot to do... Continue Reading →

It Has Arrived!

My Plexus welcome kit has arrived! Beginning Monday, I'll gradually ease my body into accepting the all-natural, plant-based probiotic regimen.  I won't be blogging over the weekend, but I'll see you on Monday for "Day 1" of what I am expecting to be my first day of detox.  Tons of water and probiotics... here I... Continue Reading →

Feeling Accomplished!

Cleaned out, detoxed, lightweight.... oh, you thought I was talking about me?  HA!  Far from it!  I'm talking refrigerator! This morning I spent some time cleaning it: disinfecting the shelves, throwing out the old food, organizing, etc.  It had been put off too long!  It needed to be done! For many years I created... Continue Reading →

40 Health Problems That Start in Your Gut

[Blogger's Note: This was shared with a group of us who are taking Plexus (or - in my case - am starting on Plexus next week, and will be blogging about my journey).  I was absolutely amazed at how many of these 40 health problems I have, or have had at one time, or how... Continue Reading →

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