Journey to Going Green – Part 1

It's been a dream in the making for several years, this "going green" thing.  Not because of the "global warming" hype you hear in the media.  Not because of the tree-hugging advocates and lobbyists.  It simply boiled down to our need to live a much simpler lifestyle, reduce our daily stress and save money in... Continue Reading →

Yesterday…I Cheated!

  Yesterday...I cheated.  A month ago my husband and I cleaned out our pantry of all junk and processed food, carbs, sugary sweets, etc.  I filled the back of my car and drove everything down to a food charity.  I was so thankful to get rid of it, they were more than happy to accept... Continue Reading →

From Fire to Charcoal

  I cleaned our fireplace today, and emptied the ash catchment underneath the fireplace and put it in a bucket.  (Pic top left: clean fireplace.)  One thing I believe in is not to waste anything!  We had some old window screens lying around, and so I took one of them, dumped the entire bucket onto... Continue Reading →

Prickly Pear

A few weeks ago I harvested prickly pear fruit from around our yard for the first time and made homemade jelly from it.  I posted a few pics on Facebook, and Marco Poloed some of my family members throughout the process.  I had so many questions and comments, I thought I would organize the process, pictures,... Continue Reading →

Sleuthing Success!

Three days since I've not taken my statin prescription.  After 8.5 hours of work on Saturday, the two-hour commute home, and an 8-hour road trip out of state yesterday.... NO SWELLING!  My initial instinct that my cholesterol medication was causing all these problems - the leg cramping and swelling of feet and ankles - was... Continue Reading →


Whenever one is trying to take control of their health, it's not easy.  It takes work, determination, and good old fashioned sleuthing at times, especially when one is over the age of 50! I've been frustrated the past few days, as my feet and ankles have been swelling horribly, especially while I'm on the job... Continue Reading →

Energized and Postive!

This week has been a busy one, and will continue to be so the rest of the week.  I'm taking a trip out of state to visit my niece this next weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.  Lots to do before that. Yesterday in between work assignments, with all this energy I have,... Continue Reading →

What a Week!

It's been 7 days since I've udpated you.  All last week we had company and I didn't blog.  Too busy enjoying our friends and entertaining!  I know you're propbably wondering about the detox.  There wasn't any.  Not much, anyway. That second day I had some nausea, then realized it was only because I hadn't eaten... Continue Reading →

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