One Humble Chicken

One single humble chicken can go a long way! Here’s how we used up a chicken:
Seasoned and oven-roasted for a delicious dinner. With the leftovers, we did the following:
1. Picked the good meat off of the bones and put in 1 Qt container to enjoy later.
2. Covered the remaining carcass with water and slow-boiled it for a couple of hours.
3. Strained everything through a flour sack-lined colander into another pan to save the broth. Yielded 3.5 Qts of broth!
4. Picked the cooled carcass clean of all marrow, cartilage, and meat, careful to remove any and all bones. Yielded a pint of dog food meat! We use this concoction to supplement our dog’s regular dry food. When mixing a Tbsp or so of the dog food chicken scraps into her daily dry portions, she loves it and scarfs her food down in one sitting!
Conclusion: for around $5 a whole chicken, you can feed your family and pets for several meals!!!!

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