Energized and Postive!

This week has been a busy one, and will continue to be so the rest of the week.  I’m taking a trip out of state to visit my niece this next weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.  Lots to do before that.

Yesterday in between work assignments, with all this energy I have, I made a batch of my famous Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes…with a twist.  I found these unique dark chocolate and mint chip mix on sale at the Bargain Mart in town.  2 for $1!  Couldn’t beat that!  So instead of using just the normal chocolate chips in the filling, I used the dark chocolate/mint combo.  (You can see the green mint chips poking through in the picture below.) Yum!  They were delicious!


Now, I have to admit, before Plexus, I would eat 3 or 4 a day, when I made these.  They are so delicious, and I cannot resist!  Shame on me!  However, yesterday, one was enough for me!!  Yay!  Victory!  I was completely satisfied and wasn’t tempted to eat another one. I checked my blood sugar just now (before brunch, and after a cup of coffee and in the middle of drinking my “pink drink”) and it was 103, all on its own!  That’s a terrific blood sugar reading for me,  Usually, it is in the mid 100’s, as I stated in a previous blog.  (I had labs done the week before starting Plexus and my blood sugar was 160, after 14 hours of fasting).  None of my diabetic meds have changed, but I’ve been on Plexus for 2 weeks now, and am already seeing the difference!!!  My body, with the help of this fabulous pro-biotic regimen, is able to process my body’s natural insulin much better!  I go back to the doctor for labs and diabetic check up in September, and I cannot wait to see what my labs look like then!  I think my doctor, who was negatively skeptical when I mentioned Plexus, is going to be in for a big surprise!

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