Up and at ’em!

Woke up raring to go this morning, before 6:00 AM. That’s unusual for me.  Especially on Fridays. I try to sleep until my alarm wakes me up at 7:15 AM, because I work a long, 8 1/2 hour shift in a town over 100 miles away from home, every Friday and Saturday, and every other Sunday.  On Friday nights, I don’t get off work until 10:30 PM, thus the reason for my “sleeping in” on Fridays.

However, today was a different story.  I woke up and began preparing to pressure-can 4 quarts of vegetable broth.  Remember my post about cleaning out my refrigerator?  Yeah, that happened.  Well, from my freezer came two bags of pre-measured frozen bananas (one bag of bananas for one loaf of banana bread).  Also, out came two large gallon-sized bags full of veggie scraps.  I don’t throw anything away, if I can help it.  All organic waste goes into a compost pile I have out back, or is used in some form or another.

Last night, I threw the veggie scraps into a large stock pot and simmered them for 2 hours or more.  I left the bags of frozen bananas out to thaw in the fridge.  Then this morning I prepped the pressure cooker, strained the broth, got the banana bread batter ready to bake, etc.  Whew!  As I write this, the banana bread is baking in the oven and the smells throughout our home are lovely!  Too bad I won’t be able to enjoy the taste.  I have to pack and get ready to hit the road for the weekend.

We are having friends from out of state coming to visit on Tuesday (4th of July) and staying for two or three days.  They’ll get to enjoy the wares!! 🙂


Banana bread just came out of the oven! Yummy!

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