First blog post

All my life I’ve been a writer. I’ve kept a diary, using pen and ink in countless journals, since I was 12 or 13 years old, maybe even earlier.  I’m amazed (and sometimes a bit embarrassed) at what my childish thoughts were those many years ago.  As of this moment, I am in my 50th year of life, and childish thoughts are no longer.  Instead, a lifetime of experience and much deeper, more mature thoughts have full reign in my head.  With the advent of such wonderful technology, I have decided to replace pen and ink diaries with the convenience of a keyboard and laptop.  Having published two books already, and working on my third, it’s nice to be able to just write random thoughts and “pen” experiences, instead of trying to convince my brain to overcome writer’s block for a well-thought-out novel.  This [blogging] is like a vacation for my brain…so here goes.

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