Up and at ’em!

Woke up raring to go this morning, before 6:00 AM. That's unusual for me.  Especially on Fridays. I try to sleep until my alarm wakes me up at 7:15 AM, because I work a long, 8 1/2 hour shift in a town over 100 miles away from home, every Friday and Saturday, and every other... Continue Reading →

Feeling Accomplished!

Cleaned out, detoxed, lightweight.... oh, you thought I was talking about me?  HA!  Far from it!  I'm talking about...my refrigerator! This morning I spent some time cleaning it: disinfecting the shelves, throwing out the old food, organizing, etc.  It had been put off too long!  It needed to be done! For many years I created... Continue Reading →

40 Health Problems That Start in Your Gut

[Blogger's Note: This was shared with a group of us who are taking Plexus (or - in my case - am starting on Plexus next week, and will be blogging about my journey).  I was absolutely amazed at how many of these 40 health problems I have, or have had at one time, or how... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Don’t Know Me…

.... let me give you a little background.  I was born in Iowa in 1967.  Born before the days of CDs, DVDs, personally owned computers, cell phones, etc.  When we played, we went outdoors.  We climbed trees, worked in the garden with our parents, sewed our own clothes, canned our own food for winter preservation,... Continue Reading →

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